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Oct 272003
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan – editor in chief

J.J. Babb – Design managing editor

Colleen Buhrer – Managing editor

Willow Welter – visual editor

Patrick Crossland – state and regional editor

Monday’s CSU employee rally protesting the rising cost of health

insurance for state classified employees drew attention to an

important issue that has been almost entirely overlooked. State

classified employees’ health insurance could increase by 30

percent, while their wages remain frozen due to state budget


Obviously, this situation is ridiculous. Let’s take some of the

lowest paid employees, freeze their wages and charge them more. Not

only are they the lowest paid employees, but they are also some of

the most important on campus. State classified includes anyone

employed by the state of Colorado, such as janitors, maintenance

people and instructors.

It is worth pointing out that this is not CSU’s fault. As with

so many other budget-related issued, this one goes back to the

state, not the university.

But there is a glimmer of hope. At least people are doing

something. The employees aren’t just complaining to friends and

classes; they stepped out of their offices and organized a protest

and a Web site to address an issue they see as unfair. Not that

we’re advocating protesting every issue that makes you angry, but

if there’s a situation that is truly unfair and can be addressed

(as this could at the Joint Budget Committee meeting next week) a

protest is sometimes the best way to gain needed publicity from the

media, the government and those everyday Joes just walking past the

Lory Student Center. We commend the organizers and participants of

the rally for their work that will help draw attention to their

cause and help everyone realize they’re facing this problem





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