Oct 272003
Authors: Leigh Pogue

Paul Hudnut, newly appointed director of venture development, is

working to connect CSU and the world.

“We will get more technology out of the lab,” Hudnut said. “And

have (it) make a difference in the world.”

Hudnut’s position as director of venture development was created

to aid CSU in expanding the impact of its research, said Hank

Gardner, associate vice president of research.

“CSU is a land grant institution and is required to do research,

teaching and outreach,” Gardner said.

As director of venture development, Hudnut’s responsibility is

to explore and identify useful technologies and discoveries in the

life sciences that can be commercialized, said Ajay Menon, dean of

the College of Business, in an e-mail interview.

“I have several roles,” Hudnut said. “Part of my responsibility

is to work on helping get more ventures, or businesses, started

based on ideas from students, faculty or alumni.”

One project that Hudnut’s been working on since January is the

development of EnviroFit International, Ltd. The company combines

the efforts of CSU’s Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory and

the knowledge of business students to help with the pollution

problem in Southeast Asia.

Banning Collins, a senior business major with a concentration in

entrepreneurship and marketing, said EnviroFit is working to reduce

the air pollution created by two stroke engines used in taxis in

Southeast Asia.

Collins is a member of the team that is creating the business

plans for the product developed by the Engines and Energy

Conversion Laboratory.

The combination of entrepreneurship and research seen in this

project is important to its success because, Garner said, the

research does not always bridge with a commercialized project.

“No one college has everything,” Collins said. “Having a

partnership between the two colleges (business and engineering)

will help us achieve our goal.”

This aspect requires someone who has business expertise to help

facilitate these relationships.

“(Hudnut) has a lot of experience in these kinds of

partnerships,” Gardner said.

Previously, Hudnut worked at PR Pharmaceuticals and also Heska

Corporation. He also has a law degree coupled with his

pharmaceutical experience, making him ideal for the position,

Garner said.

Hutnut will also be working with CSU’s infectious disease


In addition, Hudnut’s position also includes teaching

upper-division entrepreneurship courses.

“I love teaching,” Hudnut said. “I get to interact with a lot of

students and I get a lot of energy from them.”

Collins, who was is one of Hudnut’s courses last spring, has

found him to be a valuable resource for students. Collins

appreciated the way Hudnut was able to relate the outside business

worlds to the theories that were taught in his class, he said.

“The biggest thing that I can say is that he is very personable

and always there to help out,” Collins said. “He’s perfect for the





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