To the Editor:

Oct 262003

I am writing in response to Stacey Schneider’s article “Are Gas

Prices Too High?” in the Oct. 23 edition of The Collegian. Ms.

Schneider made one good point in her article, that the United

States must reduce dependence on foreign oil. However, to advocate

the exploitation of the Artic National Wildlife Refuge and other

protected spaces in the United States is irresponsible. Since she

singled out ANWR as an example I will as well, offer a few other

facts: It has been estimated that extracting all of the oil from

ANWR will only provide six to 12 months worth of fuel at current

consumption rates.

However the fact that the oil under ANWR is spread out in many

small pockets instead of one large reservoir means it would take

years to extract it all. Also, to assume that the drilling would

only affect a small portion of ANWR is naive. There would also have

to be miles of roads and pipelines to get the oil to market. Most

importantly, given the oil industry’s record for spilling the black

gold, it is very likely that an environmental disaster would be the


What I found most disturbing in Ms. Schneider’s article was her

failure to even mention renewable energy as a way to reduce

dependence on foreign oil, especially when there are students right

here at CSU doing research on solar conversion and fuel cells.

Finally, what we pay at the pump is very cheap compared to the

$4 to $5 per gallon prices in Europe. Not only do the higher prices

there raise awareness about efficiency and conservation, but the

extra money goes to subsidize what are arguably the best public

transportation systems in the world.

Michael Scott

Graduate student, chemistry department




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