Pornography in our Lives

Oct 262003
Authors: Spencer Goodfriend

An assembly was held by Rams for Christ Saturday night in the

Lory Student Center to discuss means of limiting the impact of

pornography on the individual.

“We’re trying to promote purity and spiritual health and

holiness,” said Russ Whitler, campus minister for Rams for Christ.

“Pornography can be a secret sin that non-Christians and Christians

alike can struggle with.”

Greg Dickinson, a speech communication assistant professor, said

he does not believe pornography should be outlawed, but the

practice needs to be examined because of its treatment of


“Broadly, pornography is one of many obvious places where

patriarchy (dominance) does its work. It is designed specifically

to turn women into objects,” said Greg Dickinson, a speech

communication assistant professor. “Heterosexual porn has no place

in society. I am not an advocate for laws against pornography

because the First Amendment protects the right to produce porn. I

would prefer a society where porn was not used or profitable.”

The $1 billion dollar business grosses more revenue per year

than football, basketball and baseball combined (excluding

merchandise licensing), according to VH1. This is where some feel

that it is justified in its existence.

“If people are that comfortable with it, then obviously it isn’t

seriously harming anyone,” said Nate Quintanar, a junior economics

major. “Porn is just another aspect of sex dominating what we see

and hear through the media, I don’t blame those people who try to

eliminate it from their lives…but good luck.”

Magazines such as Playboy and Maxim are also resisted in the

lifestyle choice.

“It’s commendable that groups are resisting the impact that porn

has on them, individually and as a society,” said Baxter Porter, a

sophomore liberal arts major. “I don’t condone it, but I also don’t

condemn it. Whoever decides to include it in their life or exclude

it from their life, they have their reasons.”

Pornography is also argued by some to lead to other social ills

associated with women and sex.

“Young women, for example a 14 year old, who think they’re

chatting with other young women online are really chatting with

older men, which can be very dangerous,” Whitler said. “This was a

way to promote a preventive and pro-active way to confront the

issue…Get lust out of your life and you would feel better

spiritually. It is important for a Christian or any religious

person to remain pure and holy, especially for families.”









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