Oct 262003
Authors: Leigh Pogue

This past weekend CSU students, staff and faculty donated their

time and goods to help Fort Collins during the annual Make a

Difference Day.

“Make a Difference Day helps meet the needs in the community,”

said Patti Schmitt, the volunteer center program manager at

FirstCall. “It also just helps to build communication; it helps

people to start talking.”

FirstCall is a Larimer County organization that helps to connect

volunteers with the community’s needs.

Make a Difference Day is a national project that was started by

USA Weekend Magazine 10 years ago. Larimer County has been

participating in it for the past four years, as has the CSU

community. This year the county had more than 1,400 people

committed to being involved with Make a Difference Day.

There were activities all last week with Friday and Saturday

being the biggest days. Major projects included helping at the

Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store, setting up the Crossroads

Safehouse Santa Shop and helping fireproof Horsetooth Park.

Delta Sigma Pi fraternity helped out at the Habitat for Humanity

Thrift Store on Saturday by helping to build some storage


“We got more done (that day) than any other day,” said Alan

Plumer, a senior construction management major who is the building

coordinator for the CSU chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

The sheds are being built to hold large-sized donations, such as

washers and dryers, which Habitat for Humanity receives.

As a construction management major, Plumer said he loves having

the opportunity to gain work experience and volunteer at the same


Another fraternity also participated in Make a Difference Day by

organizing a leaf-raking project. For the past four years Pi Kappa

Phi has raked leaves for the houses in its neighborhood and has

also driven around picking up the bagged leaves other volunteers

have raked throughout Fort Collins.

“This project helps relations between us and our neighbors,”

said Adam Timmons, a junior construction management major. “It

helps to break down stereotypes that the elderly often have about

sororities and fraternities.”

Timmons has found the leaf-raking project to be a positive

situation for everyone involved.

“It’s a win-win situation,” he said. “We get to volunteer and

the community gets to learn about us.”

Schmitt has also found that an important aspect of Make a

Difference Day is its ability to bring CSU students and community

members together.

“Everyone has their own reason to (participate in Make a

Difference Day),” Schmitt said. “But one reason for most everyone

is that people like the way it makes them feel.”





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