To the Editor:

Oct 232003

Stacey Schneider stated that the only way to stabilize gas

prices is to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. She said the

only way to accomplish this is obtaining oil domestically.

The columnist latched onto the current administration’s proposal

that we begin drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

As does the president, Miss Schneider asserts that the area

affected would be small and that new technology will protect the

drilling area. This disregards several important facts. Though only

a portion of the ANWR is considered prime oil land, the support

services necessary to facilitate the drilling, including housing

for workers, a network of roads, tanker docking facilities and

administration complexes would cover a substantial land area. These

facilities affect the many species that flourish in the proposed

drilling areas, including caribou, polar bears and a multitude of

fish and birds. Pollution emitted by the new industry also would

affect these animals.

Schneider preaches to us that drilling inside ANWR is the

solution to all of our problems. In reality, there is only a

reasonable chance of drilling nine months worth of oil in an

economical fashion. If we are to replace the 50 percent of our oil

supply now coming from abroad, drilling inside ANWR provides the

nation a year and a half of cheap gas. Is that 18 months worth the

permanent damage that drilling companies are certain to inflict

upon a beautiful area and its animals?

In reality, the only sensible way to reduce our dependence on

foreign oil is to reduce our dependence on oil all together.

Robert Wade

Freshman, civil engineering




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