Thrift Stores

Oct 232003
Authors: Jamie Way

Halloween costumes are not the only treasure found at a thrift


Thrift stores’ unique merchandise and low prices draw in a

diverse group of customers.

“You can find a lot of things you can’t find anywhere else,”

said Jeff Meister, an ARC shopper.

Meister said he goes to thrift stores for a variety of products

including chairs, stereos, dishes and equipment.

“Today I was getting a blender pitcher,” Meister said.

Meister said a thrift store shopper could be anyone. A variety

of people shop at thrift stores, not just the starving college

student or low-income individuals.

Luie Sterling, an ARC worker, said people of all ages shop at

ARC, 106 E. Foothills Parkway.

“(It’s) all ages, I’ve got seniors to little teenagers that come

in here to shop,” Sterling said.

Sterling said she still shops at ARC frequently and that most of

the merchandise is of good quality.

“Most of it is really nice stuff. I won’t say all of it,”

Sterling said. “A thrift store’s a thrift store, but most of


According to Jane Newbauer, manager of Goodwill Industries, 320

Walnut, people come to Goodwill looking for bargains.

“We’re a lot cheaper. You go out there and buy a blouse for $26.

Here a blouse is $4.99,” Newbauer said.

Thrift store shoppers enjoy not only the bargains, but also the

supply of clothes that is replenished daily.

“It’s like they’re addicted. We have customers that come in

everyday,” she said. “They know they’re saving money and it’s also

something they enjoy doing.”

While the average customer was described as a 35-year-old woman

with three kids by Savers Manager Craig Cowles, he said that a

variety of people from different economic backgrounds shop at his


“It’s across the board; the richest to the poorest,” Cowles

said. “Some people just like a good deal.”

Many thrift store shoppers are looking for clothes, but also for

many various items such as household objects and artwork for their


“They’re coming here for that little-used treasure they can get

at a good price,” Cowles said.

While some refuse to buy second hand clothes, others believe

there is nothing wrong with a good deal.

“Some people are a little self-conscious. It’s not a reflection

of you at all,” Cowles said. “There’s nothing wrong with being





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