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Oct 232003
Authors: Jon Ackerman

Some things in life just aren’t supposed to happen. They just

don’t seem fathomable.

Like the Florida Marlins in the World Series. Here’s a team that

sits near the bottom of the payroll list and could barely bribe

10,000 fans to show up back in June.

Or the Denver Broncos reverting to the two quarterbacks they cut

at the end of training camp after seeing their top two QBs suffer

freak injuries.

Or a college basketball team being led to the national

championship by freshmen. Teams are supposed to be led by seniors

(if they haven’t bolted for the pros, yet).

But it’s instances like these that make sports so alluring. They

get you back in your seat the next game.

That’s why your fanny should be in the seats this weekend at

Moby Arena. To watch the remarkable. To watch the unfathomable. To

watch one of the most dominating athletic teams CSU has ever


The CSU volleyball team, which has won Mountain West

regular-season title the last three years, completed the first half

of its conference schedule last weekend. Five of the seven matches

were held somewhere other than Moby. Six of the seven matches were

won in straight games. Seven of the seven matches were commanding

CSU victories.

The Rams’ first two conference victories came at the homes of

the only other MWC teams to come within a sniff of a national

ranking this year: BYU and Utah.

CSU first swept BYU and then shut down Utah, three games to one.

CSU, now No. 18 in the country, gets BYU (7 p.m. Saturday) and Utah

(4 p.m. Sunday) at home this weekend. And the Utah game will

actually be shown on live TV (College Sports Television, available

through satellite services). It is the first time a regular-season

CSU match has ever been aired on TV.

But if you ask me, that No. 18 ranking is as whack as Jack

Black. No. 12 Santa Clara has six losses, one of which is to

unranked Pacific.

The Rams are 16-4. Those four defeats came at the

bump-set-spikes of four ranked teams, three of which now sit Nos.

6,7,8 in the country (Stanford, California, Kansas State,

respectively). Minnesota was the fourth victor over CSU, and it’s

No. 25.

The Rams then entered league play, and after losing that one

game to Utah (in Game 3 of the match), they rattled off wins in 16

straight games! I don’t care if you’re in the Pac-10 Conference or

the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference, winning that many

consecutive games is harder than passing a 21-credit semester.

But to top all this off — what makes this team more astounding

— is something I alluded to earlier: Seniors should lead the way.

Like how Bradlee Van Pelt and Drew Wood lead the football team. And

how Brian Greene led the basketball team last year. And how I lead

(or attempt to) my intramural co-ed volleyball team.

Yeah, well, the CSU volleyball team has no seniors. Not a one.

It has as many seniors as the Colorado Avalanche does

Hall-of-Fame-worthy goalies. Zilch.

After playing a schedule like this team has played this year,

and dominating the conference like this team has dominated this

year, next year could be even more intriguing.

A Mountain West championship might not be the only championship


Talk about one of those things in life that just isn’t supposed

to happen.






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