Oct 232003
Authors: Carl McCutchen

Sixty-one million dollars in donations surged into the

university this year, creating an opportunity for CSU to give

Hughes Stadium a facelift, scholarships to students and a

collection of stringed instruments for the music department.

CSU will give back to these donors by honoring them at the

annual 1870 Recognition Dinner at 6 p.m. today in the Lory Student

Center Main Ballroom.

Over 27,000 donors contributed to the enormous sum that

shattered the previous CSU donation record of $43 million set in


“We appreciate the loyalty of our donors through a very

difficult year,” said Deb McCune, director of donor relations at


The largest donation to CSU this year was the Bohemian

Foundation’s $20.1 million that will support the University Center

for the Arts, an academic facility for programs in music, theatre

and dance, and the renovation of Hughes Stadium.

Other large contributors to be honored at the dinner include

IBM, Sun Microsystems and Lockheed Martin.

Students felt some of the effects of the donations, as $2.9

million was given in scholarships, and other funds from the

donations went to support endowed chairs, professorships and the

distinguished lecture series at CSU.

Donations this year came in other forms than cash.

CSU also received a 22-foot engine for the mechanical

engineering program, project management software for the

construction management program and several collections of violins,

violas and flutes for the music department.

“It says a lot about our donors for stepping up,” McCune said

about the totality of this year’s donations.

Melissa Fair, a senior creative writing major, thinks that such

large donations are great, but that more of them should come back

to the students.

“A new stadium would be nice for CSU football fans, but I think

that education should come first,” she said. “After seeing where

the money from donors went, it is sad to see that such a small

percentage went to scholarships.”

Christy Thomas, a freshman open option student, agrees with

where the donations are going.

“Everything around looks fine and it is good that it is going to

Hughes Stadium,” she said.

Thomas also suggested some of the donations could be used to

plant more trees and re-landscape around CSU.




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