To the Editor:

Oct 222003

I am writing to thank you for the Collegian coverage of our

cultural event on Oct. 21. We enjoyed sharing a small part of our

culture with CSU and appreciate the wonderful support we received

from so many people. I would, however, be remiss if I did not write

to acknowledge the hard work of the students from the Native

American Student Association and American Indian Science and

Engineering Society. They were not in the photograph but worked

tirelessly to plan the event, prep the food and serve it. I was

merely there to help out.

Special thanks should be given to Joe Roberston, our Frybread

Master, as well as Teresa Cox, Tessa Seaboy, Brian Dougherty,

Robert Allard, Ty Smith, Tuda Lawton, Delbert Willie, Seraphina

Wall, Jim Garrett and Ashley Curley. Thanks again. We hope everyone

will join us for the CSU Pow Wow on April 3 in the Lory Student


Beverly Fenton

Director, Native American Student Services




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