The Nadas

Oct 222003

In a time when Lil’ John and Chingy rule the pop charts it is

nice to know there are a few bands out there still making good

music. The relatively unknown rock band, The Nadas, create a brand

of music that has been almost all but washed away by Good Charlotte

and other TRL veterans.

Fort Collins is the second home to the rock-roots band The


“This is the first place that we played outside of Iowa,” said

Mike Butterworth, one of the lead singers in the band.

The band, which formed in Ames, Iowa years ago, has not been to

Fort Collins in three years. Its homecoming, Saturday night at the

Aggie, was in celebration of the band’s forth album,


Even though the Aggie was less than packed, the band is starting

to make a name for itself. Playboy described The Nadas as “The best

college band that you have never heard of.” This is no

overstatement. The dual lead singers, Mike Butterworth and Jason

Walsmith, create a sound similar to that of The Bare Naked Ladies

and the laid back yet powerful lyrics are much like the ones found

in O.A.R. tunes.

So if you, too, are tired of overplayed teen pop and are looking

for real artists with something to say, check out The Nadas, you

won’t be let down.





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