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Oct 222003
Authors: Elizabeth Kerrigan

Pho Duy is a restaurant that gives Fort Collins residents a

chance to experience traditional Vietnamese food that would

otherwise be hard to find.


Located at 902 W. Drake Road, Bldg #1, the first look inside

will reveal an elaborate yet casual dinning setting. The quiet

atmosphere offers a peaceful and relaxing experience for what may

be a first encounter with the Vietnamese culture for many Fort

Collins residents.


Before enjoying your meal, plan on brushing up on your chopstick

skills; at Pho Duy, there is no such thing as a fork and knife. Not

to worry, a very fast and considerable staff is willing to teach



Aside from the remarkable service, Pho Duy’s food has a very

unique taste, especially for someone trying the cuisine for the

first time. The appetizer Chao Tom, which is rice paper rolls with

grilled shrimp on sugar cane and vegetables, proved to have an

interesting look, similar to a see-through egg roll, but an

unmatchable taste.

Manager Steve Kim recommends the seafood noodle or yellow egg

noodle soups, in which you can pick your choice of ingredients from

crabmeat to pork to shrimp. He also recommends the noodle bowls,

which are made with thin rice noodles and again, your choice of

combination ingredients including beef, egg rolls and chicken.

Bun Dac Biet – don’t worry, when ordering you can just point at

what you want – is a

delicious noodle bowl with an egg roll, grilled pork, grilled

beef and fried shrimp rolls. Dig deeper into this giant bowl of

surprises and an array of fresh vegetables is found at the bottom.

This large but healthy meal was a new and interesting culture of

tastes to the buds. But someone who is trying this dish for the

first time may discover that while the first bites seem to be

exceptional, the deeper the bowl got, the less stimulating the meal


Manager Steve Kim says that the restaurant opened in Fort

Collins after the owner, Maiahn Tran noticed that many Fort Collins

residents were taking the southward-bound journey to Denver in

order to eat at one of the Pho Duy’s three sister restaurants.

“Since we opened in Fort Collins, the restaurant has done better

than we ever expected,” Kim said. “(Pho Duy) is a very traditional

Vietnamese restaurant compared to others in Fort Collins.”

Plan on spending between $6 and $8 on your entrees and $3 to $4

on an appetizer, which is suggested in order to acquire as many of

these unusual tastes as possible.

“We will continue to serve good food and good service,” Kim

said. “Then, hopefully, we will continue to do better than the day

before that and the month before that.”





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