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Authors: Krystina Sletvold

“Sex” was one of the most sought after books in history. Not

because it had an overwhelming amount of violence or the fact that

the book touched on domestic abuse but because Madonna bared it


The book consisted of several pages of nude photographs, which

included the famous photo of Madonna hitch-hiking naked. The cover

was stainless steal with a spiral binding and was so scandalous

that it was sold on shelves packaged in saran wrap, which was an

attempt to keep the eyes of innocent children from seeing Madonna

in the nude.

With her new book however, children are her target audience.

In September, Madonna released “The English Roses,” the first of

five children’s books she plans to write. All proceeds from this

book are being donated to children’s charities.

This new image is a drastic change from the portrait she

displayed in “Sex” back in 1992.

While many proclaimed that “Sex” was a work of art, others found

the bare-all photographs to be pornographic and tasteless.

The controversy that surrounded Madonna’s “Sex” is considered to

be one of the biggest scandals of 1992, according to Barnes and

Nobles Review.

The book is now out of print, while “The English Roses” is being

overstocked, and holds a bookmark that is already advertising for

the second book, which is due out in November.

Madonna’s “Sex” book has become a collectors’ item and is

currently sold by private sellers for the starting price of $100.

However, with the proceeds of her children’s book going to

children’s charities, Madonna has marked “The English Roses” at the

selling price of $13.99, and is receiving great reviews and many


While the message of “Sex” is never really stated in the book,

it can be assumed that Madonna was promoting self-expression and,

of course, sex.

However, through “The English Roses,” Madonna offers a vital

lesson to young girls about rivalry and friendship. It has been

called a modern day Cinderella story from the editors at Barnes and

Noble Review.

In 1992, Madonna bared her body in her book “Sex,” now over 10

years later, Madonna’s “The English Roses” bares a much softer side

to the artist, which creates a continuous chance for reflection on

the power of Madonna to reinvent herself.





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