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Authors: Christiana Nelson

Tuesday, Margaret Patterson had below-the-shoulder length hair.

Wednesday, she had none.

“I always used to joke that I wish I was bald,” said Patterson,

a sophomore biological science major. “It was all talk and no


On Wednesday, Patterson took action and shaved her head on the

Lory Student Center Plaza for “Bald for Bucks,” a CSU program that

took place on the Plaza from noon to 2 p.m. to raise donations and

awareness for cancer patients and research.

“This weekend will be the first time I’ll see my friend since

she was diagnosed with Hodgkins’ Disease,” Patterson said. “It will

be cool because we’ll both be bald.”

Patterson was the only female out of 20 participants to shave

her head for Bald for Bucks.

Patterson she said she never realized how pretty her hair was

until it was gone, but her only worry is how she will tell her


“I might just show up and say ‘Hey look, I’m bald.’ Or I’ll call

and my mom will spaz out,” Patterson said.

Ronnie Chamberlain, a senior theatre major, understands

Patterson’s decision to shave her head. Sunday Chamberlain cut off

her shoulder-length green hair to support a friend who has been

battling ovarian cancer since high school.

Since shaving her head, Chamberlain has experienced the

emotional impact of her decision.

“My friend was overwhelmed that five other people would sit down

with her and go bald,” Chamberlain said. “Most people on campus

stare at me, but they show overwhelming support when they know why

I’m bald.”

Michelle Mora and Thomas Shaw, junior chemistry majors,

organized Bald for Bucks and were impressed by the participants in

the event.

“The people were so enthusiastic and they told me about past

cases of cancer in friends and family,” Mora said. “They all said

they were happy to help in any way they could.”

Shaw decided to take part in the event because of his respect

for people with cancer.

“I admire those people so much because of the cancer treatments

and their will to overcome this disease,” Shaw said. “I have so

much admiration that I couldn’t be involved in this program and not

do it.”

Mora said the event was very positive for everyone involved.

“Nobody I saw had any regrets about doing this,” Mora said. “I

personally want to tell everybody thanks. It was so nice to see how

caring and generous people are.”





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