To the Editor:

Oct 202003

I first stood up for Monica Owens last year when she wrote a

letter to the editor, only to have it tag-lined with her father’s

occupation. Now, even though she is a member of your staff, you

have required her to state who her father is and what he does.


You cannot hide behind the cowardice of journalistic integrity,

bias viewpoints, etc. when the only person you tagline is the

daughter of a conservative governor. Who are Joe Marshall and

Christopher Ortiz’s parents? What do they do for a living? What are

their viewpoints and how have they caused you to have a biased


Oh, that’s right, it’s not relevant to everybody else because

their parents don’t cause a conflict of interest, only Monica’s

does that. If The Collegian is interested in censoring the only

conservative opinion columnist it has, then just be honest about

it. However, don’t hide behind journalistic ethics and then only

apply them when it’s convenient to your cause.


Brendan Burns

Senior, Political Science/Speech Major




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