To the Editor:

Oct 192003

I believe the treatment Monica Owens is receiving from The

Collegian is a travesty. The fact that Gov. Bill Owens is her

father should have nothing to do with how she represents herself on

staff at the Collegian.

Maria Shriver, wife of Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger,

also has a career in journalism. Shriver works for NBC on a

national level and you will never see her on-air with a tagline

stating she is Governor Schwarzenegger’s wife. The same should be

true for Ms. Owens, especially in light of fact that she is a

columnist at the Collegian and her work is already allowed to be

biased because it is based solely on her opinion.

Ms. Owens is an adult woman who has established her own

political views and beliefs. A tagline should only be required if

she covers a topic directly relating to her father, but other than

that there is no need for her to explain where she came from every

time she is in print.

It is true Ms. Owens’ conservative viewpoint can be seen as

controversial, but that is because she is representing a silent

majority on campus. That is why it is even more important to have

Ms. Owens on your staff, she represents a view that is rarely

published in your paper. Until the day she is welcomed back with

open arms, it is quite clear what the bias is at The Collegian.

With Regards,

Michelle Sackett Ellis

CSU Alumni




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