Oct 192003
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Doesn’t it seem like there are only two types of drivers in this

town? People who drive slower than you are – the idiots and people

who drive faster than you are – the maniacs.

It seems more and more of these maniacs are driving on the

streets, endangering the lives of you, me and baby on board.

Street racing is becoming more common among teenagers and

twenty-somethings. With the release of glorified car racing movies

like “The Fast and the Furious” and the sequel, “2 Fast 2 Furious,”

some adolescents and college students have adopted the idea that

driving down city streets at between 80 and 150 miles per hour is


Driving the pricey import cars their parents bought for them or

they saved up for, street racers are endangering not only

themselves but everyone else on the road, too. The faster a vehicle

is going, the less control a driver has over it. The desire to be

just like Vin Diesel, the star of the Fast and the Furious, is not

worth the risks.

Risks are monetary and also life-threatening. Granted, street

racing probably provides an exciting adrenaline rush to the

drivers, but it also leads to fatal accidents, injuries and

tickets. Police officers have been cracking down on street racing

within the past few years, leading to fines and revocation of


There are other ways to get an adrenaline rush that do not

include death, tickets and endangering other people; a person can

go rock climbing, play sports, ride roller coasters, go skydiving

or even bungee jump. The important thing to realize is not to

endanger anyone but yourself, or you are treading on others’


City streets do not provide a safe site for racecar speeds.

Drivers should stick to the speed limit or they are risking other

humans’ rights to be safe.




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