CSU student died Sept. 20

Oct 162003
Authors: Jason Kosena

Vince Thomas, a senior construction management major at CSU,

died on Sept. 20 from intoxication with ethanol, hydrocodone and

codeine, according to the Larimer County Coroner’s office.

“His sense of humor made him stand out. He was a unique

individual. He had his own style,” said Karen Thomas, Vince Thomas’


For people who knew the 23-year-old Vince Thomas, his kind and

caring nature as an individual and his loyalty to friends and

family made him stand out.

“The first thing that came to my mind is how proud I was of

him,” said Gregg Thomas, Vince Thomas’ father. “He was a loyal son

and friend.”

Vince Thomas, born on April 10, 1980, was a good inspiration to

his friends and family.

“He was my drive in life. He always wanted me to go past what I

was doing, to achieve more,” said Jenni Thomas, Vince Thomas’


According to Vince’s father, he had a close group of friends

that grew up with him in Salida, Colo. The group of friends was

called the “Dirty Dozen”.

Vince Thomas also had many friends in Fort Collins. Chris Brown,

a senior speech communication major, was such a friend.

“He was a really great guy who was always true to his friends.

He was himself pretty much no matter what,” Brown said.

Memorial services were held both in Salida and in Fort Collins

for Vince Thomas recently.

“It was overwhelming to see how many people from Fort Collins

came (to Salida) for the service. It just shows how many people he

touched,” Karen Thomas said.





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