CSU meets Jeopardy

Oct 162003
Authors: Natalie Plowman

Answer: He is a CSU graduate student who will be appearing on

“Jeopardy” today.

Question: Who is Russ Schumacher?

Schumacher, an atmospheric science major, will appear on the

television show at 3:30 p.m. on Denver’s KMGH Channel 7.

“I’ve kind of watched since I was a kid, I’ve been good at

remembering random things,” Schumacher said.

Although Schumacher had to apply and pass a test to get on the

show back in January and the show was filmed in August, it will be

aired today.

Schumacher said that he was fairly lucky in getting on to the

show after his first time applying.

“You have to take a test. I didn’t think I was going to pass,

but I did. That was back in January,” he said.

He had to pay for his own accommodations and airfare to get to

the show, which was filmed in Culver City, Calif., at the Sony

Pictures Studio.

“It was a lot of fun just to be there,” Schumacher said. “It was

a really fun experience; it’s all kind of a blur right now.”

Today Schumacher plans on going to a restaurant with a group of

friends to watch the show, even though he has known the results for

quite some time now.

“I was really excited for him because he’s wanted to do this

since he was a little boy,” said Andrea Saunders, Schumacher’s

girlfriend and a master’s student in the atmospheric science


“He was definitely nervous, but he tends to handle things in a

very cool manner,” Saunders said. She said that Schumacher’s family

went out with him as well, adding support.

Christian Kummerow, an associate professor in the atmospheric

science department, had Schumacher as a student, and was glad he

had the opportunity to be on the show.

“That’s great for him. He’s a good student, we wish him well,”

Kummerow said.

Maggie Speak, “Jeopardy’s” contestant coordinator, worked with

Schumacher when he went out for the taping of the show.

“He did really well, he was really a lot of fun to work with,”

Speak said.

Speak said there are a lot of younger adults who try out for the

show and having university students on the show is not that

uncommon. Speak encourages students who are older than 18 years old

to try out.

“We see over 20,000 a year, we use approximately 400 a season,”

Speak said in reference to how many people nationwide try to get on

the show.

Richard Johnson, a professor in the atmospheric science

department, has had Schumacher as a student and was excited for him

to be on the show.

“He’s an outstanding student, I think it’s great that he’s doing

that,” Johnson said.





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