Drink Up

Oct 152003
Authors: Danny Byers

Coloradoans love nothing more than that magical, amber liquid

called beer.

“We have a big beer culture here,” said Brian Simpson, New

Belgium Brewing public relations director. Simpson said that the

east coast, where he grew up, lacks such a beautiful culture.

Colorado’s infatuation with barley and hops shined at the 2003

Great American Beer Festival held, where else, at the Colorado

Convention Center. In-state brewers stole the show at the nation’s

most prestigious beer competition, with more than 20 beers winning

out of the 65 categories.

To many it was no surprise that Fort Collins locals, New Belgium

Brewing, won the gold for “Abby,” one of their two original beers

(the other being “Fat Tire”) and also won the silver for “La

Folie,” a wood-aged beer, only available in Fort Collins. New

Belgium brewmaster, Peter Bouckaert, takes great pride in “La

Folie” because of its complex French oak fodor fermentation process

according to Simpson

“‘La Folie’s’ aging process lasts one to three years,” Simpson

said. “It’s a very traditional Belgium style.”

“La Folie” has won every year since its inception four years


Simpson attributes Colorado’s great beers and beer lovers to the

“soft water” in Colorado, which has much less mineral content,

making processing much easier and the swallow much smoother.

“We get our soft water straight from the Poudre River,” Simpson





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