Oct 152003
Authors: Gabriel Dance

So you think your band is the best. In fact, you’d stake your

reputation on it. You’d even go so far as to battle over it. Well

then put up your dukes and make sure to hit the high notes on Nov.

16 as Scene Magazine presents the 12th Annual Battle of the Bands

at the Aggie Theatre.

The Scene Magazine Battle of the Bands has become a yearly

staple in Northern Colorado’s local music scene and gives artists

the chance to showcase their talent, regardless of what style of

music they perform. The competition is an opportunity for artists

to be heard by professionals in the music industry as well as

evaluated by local talent scouts and music journalists.

Even though the show begins at 2 p.m. on Nov. 16, the deadline

for submissions is Oct. 24, so don’t hesitate to send your compact

disc or tape and promo pack in to the magazine soon.

Sending in a demo doesn’t guarantee a spot at the battle. The

judges receive a large amount of demos for the competition and last

year limited over fifty applicants to ten groups. Being chosen to

perform is an accomplishment that gives the bands a shot to prove

it live.

Because the competition welcomes all styles of music there is

often confusion as to how it is determined which band is the best.

However the bands are judged not against each other, but on an

individual basis according to Michael Mockler, editor of Scene

Magazine and a judge in the competition.

“It’s a real eclectic group of judges,” Mockler said. “I’ve got

a good ear and we know what’s good and what’s not.”

Last years judges included Mockler, Chris K from Archer’s, Bill

from Diamonds, Paul Wozniak and Kama McDonald of Planet Radio 99.9

and others. Judges look for qualities such as stage presence, song

writing ability, originality, musical talent, audience

participation and professionalism.

“Battle of the Bands participants in the future should take note

that in order to win such a competition, it is a great idea to get

the audience to sing your choruses for you,” said Wozniak. “The

Lush Life (last year’s winners) led the audience through, and an

utter mastery of stage performance fundamentals edged the band to

the forefront of the pack.”

With 18 bands registered already, this year’s battle is sure to

be as competitive and musically exciting as years past and because

it’s at the Aggie Theatre, the show will be free for ages 18 and





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