To the Editor:

Oct 142003

I am responding to Thomas Wanebo’s Oct. 13 article, “AIDS,

condoms and the last straw of the Catholic Church.” Mr. Wanebo

expressed some strong opinions of the religion.

First, the Catholic faith has been around for over 2000 years

and has remained unchanged. There is no separation of “current”

faith and past faith.

They have never believed in pre-marital sex or homosexual

relationships. It doesn’t matter what social changes emerge, a

religion as old and traditional as Catholicism will not suddenly

change its ways to accommodate its skeptical members.

Second, Catholics believe God gave his people the gift of free

will to believe what they want to believe and do whatever they want

to do. So please, don’t accuse Catholics of “thought control.” If

people want to make themselves aware of political issues and

problems that the religion has had in the past they have the right

to do so. The Vatican doesn’t have total control over that.

Third, the Catholic Church is accurate in proclaiming that

condoms do not prevent the spread of AIDS 100 percent. It’s also

printed on the condom package. The church is not “taking the lives

of its members,” but simply warning them of the possible dangers

they face when they decide to have sex. Sound familiar? Remember

sex education class? The difference is that the church as the

influence of morality. Finally, I agree it is important for people

to stand up for what they believe in, but it’s equally important to

consider all the facts before doing so.

Sara Taylor

Senior, business administration, marketing




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