Oct 142003
Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

While working for a temporary work agency may sound like a good

way to find some work, not all students recommend it.

Lance Smith, a senior psychology major, worked for an agency

three years ago for about two months during the summer.

“I only had one job, after that they seemed to be blowing me

off,” Smith said. “It’s not really consistent.”

Ray Swanson, the franchise owner of Snelling Personnel Services,

said it is difficult for agencies to place full-time students

during the school year because of their class schedules unless they

have a full day with no classes.

“We do temporary as well as permanent placement,” Swanson said.

“We can get them full-time work once they graduate or during the


A full-time summer job is possible through Snelling.

“We can sometimes find full-time working positions in the

summer,” Swanson said.

Students looking to get involved with Snelling need to first set

up an appointment. Depending on the work they are interested in,

the interview process could take from 45 minutes to two hours

Swanson said. Adecco, a temporary service in Fort Collins, covers

many job services for clients including clerical and manual


“It’s definitely a job for a student because of a flexible

schedule,” said Nicole Scheele, an account executive at Adecco.

Scheele said the student s that work for Adecco are usually

part-time students. One-fourth of the employees at Adecco are


Appointments take about an hour and Scheele said applicants

should treat it like a regular interview and look presentable.

The application process includes filling out an application on

the computer, an aptitude test and a sit-down interview so the

applicant can be placed accordingly.

The amount of work available varies from day to day.

“One day we might have one opening the next we might have five,”

Scheele said.

Another agency in Fort Collins is Labor Ready.

“We open our doors at 5:30 a.m. People sign in. If we have work

we send them out,” said Machelle McDaniel, a customer service

representative at Labor Ready.

McDaniel said that a lot of the work that Labor Ready supplies

involves manual labor for contractors.

Labor Ready workers can expect to work a full day, McDaniel

said, so she recommends it for students that have a free day.

“If they come in on days that they don’t have classes (it would

be useful),” McDaniel said. “We tell them to be prepared to work

eight to 12 hours a day.”




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