Oct 122003
Authors: Ben Bleckley

Homosexual students and community members had the chance to

declare and/or celebrate their sexuality this past weekend during

National Coming Out Day.

Though NCOD was Saturday, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender

Student Services offered music, coming-out stories and

thought-provoking activities to the campus Friday on the Lory

Student Center Plaza.

“NCOD is a day for students to come out, to celebrate who they

are,” said Randy McCrillis, director of GLBTSS. “It’s also a way to

raise awareness about GLBT issues on campus.”

Not only members of the GLBT community but also supporters such

as Evan Dixon attended the event.

“It’s National Coming Out Day. It’s taking a step of awareness,”

said Dixon, a junior music education major. “And it’s not just for

the GLBT community, it’s for everyone.”

Chalk-written messages of peace, understanding and love covered

the Plaza in all colors. “Open your heart and your mind,” and

“Reveal the person behind the stereotype,” were among those


A black box covered with derogatory terms – not only in

reference to GLBTs, but all people – was one highlight. Students

could cover the negative words with something supportive. T-shirts

were also on sale, available in all colors with the phrase “Gay?

Fine by me.”

At noon, students shared coming out stories, messages of support

and sometimes a little humor. Haedis Safi, a sophomore technical

journalism major, offered a questionnaire for heterosexuals, built

from questions often asked of homosexuals.

Some of these questions included, “What do you think caused your

heterosexuality?” “When and how did you decide you were a

heterosexual?” “To whom have you disclosed your heterosexuality and

how did they react?” and “Could it possibly be that your

heterosexuality is just a phase?”

National Coming Out Day started in 1987 as a march in

Washington, D.C., for equal rights. It coincided with the first

showing of the Names Quilt commemorating victims of the AIDS


McCrillis said there used to be events in Fort Collins on NCOD,

but they have been discontinued due to a lack of attendance.

Nonetheless, Friday’s events on the Plaza provided a peek at

diversity on the CSU campus.




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