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Oct 122003


Shandra Jordan, editor in chief

Colleen Buhrer, managing editor

J.J. Babb, design managing editor

Kyle Endres, campus editor

Patrick Crossland, state/regional editor

Christopher J. Ortiz, opinion editor

For a priest, his Bible and his application of the Bible is his

verification of his occupation and for people to take his word. For

newspapers, our bible is our code of ethics. Without it, there is

no reason why readers should read and/or believe any word in our

paper. It is what separates us from other print sources and our

application of our code of ethics gives us verification to readers

who read The Collegian.

We use our code as our source to be independent, accurate and

fair to our readers, sources and advertisers, it also helps keep us

from ending up in court. Recently our code has come under fire,

both internally and externally, and just as if you ask a priest

about passages in the Bible, our code is binding. We do not make

exceptions or look the other way; we expect more from ourselves and

so should you.

Our code gives readers reassurance when they read their student

paper. It allows readers to look at our photographs without

worrying about alterations or to read our news stories and columns

without worrying about bias or the newspaper withholding


The Student Media Code of Ethics includes eight guiding

principles: seek the truth, strive for objectivity and fairness,

minimize harm, be accurate, act independently, be professional,

practice integrity and be accountable.

Outlined in these guiding principles include: forbidding our

reporters from taking gifts or money, forbidding alterations to

photographs unless it is a photo illustration and conflicts of


For example, a student is not allowed to work for Student Media

if he or she works for the Associated Students of CSU, which

includes appointed positions in the Association for Student

Activity Programming. All employees are required to disclose any

conflicts of interest that pertain to their columns.

To not follow these codes 100 percent every time is to do wrong

and amounts to lying to our readers.

You should not expect anything less from us.




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