Oct 082003
Authors: Taylour Nelson

Ski season is around the corner and students are wasting no time

getting a hold of their passes for the upcoming season.

Luke Babbitt, a senior civil engineer major, bought his pass as

early as possible to try to save him some money.

“I bought my pass in May,” Babbitt said. “You get the best deals

if you buy it earlier.”

Ski resorts in Colorado are offering season passes at discounted

rates again this year. The combo mountain passes have been marketed

to snowriders who plan on going multiple times throughout the

season and do not want to be limited to certain mountains.

The combo passes offer skiers lift tickets to a variety of

different mountains in Colorado. These combo passes include the

Colorado Pass and the Buddy Pass, offered until Friday, and The

Rocky Mountain Super Pass, available through this weekend at Winter

Park’s Ski and Sport Extravaganza.

The Colorado Pass, commonly known as the five-mountain pass, is

available for $319. It allows the pass holder unlimited skiing in

Breckenridge, Keystone and Arapahoe Basin along with ten days at

Vail and Beaver Creek.

The average adult lift ticket to Breckenridge is about $59. The

season pass holder would need to ski for six days in order to save

money with their pass.

The Buddy Pass is unlimited access to Breckenridge, Keystone and

Arapahoe Basin and is available for $299. The Rocky Mountain Super

Pass costs $319 with unlimited access to Winter Park and Copper

Mountain along with different benefits at each resort and a year

subscription to Skiing Magazine.

Students vary in their opinions as to which pass is the best


“I normally get the Buddy Pass, and I can ski three mountains,”

Babbitt said. “But this year I got the five-mountain pass because

you can get 10 free days at Beaver Creek and Vail for only $20

more,” he said.

Chase Campbell, a sophomore health and exercise science major,

took advantage of a deal provided by Wells Fargo, Winter Park and

Copper Mountain.

“My buddy got a deal,” Campbell said. “I got a really cheap pass

because he got an account with Wells Fargo,” he said.

The Wells Fargo College Combo Package is offered to college

students who open an account with the bank. When the student opens

a checking account and buys the Rocky Mountain Super Pass, he/she

receives a pass to Winter Park for free, said B.D. Daugherty,

communications coordinator for Winter Park resorts.

“The Rocky Mountain Super Pass is a great deal because it gives

you the choice of one or two great ski mountains so if you like the

skiing here, it makes more sense,” she said.

Campbell is only able to go skiing during winter break because

of commitments during the school year, but he suggests the Colorado

Pass for students.

“If you can go on the weekends, than the five-mountain pass is

the best deal,” he said.

Loveland, Copper Mountain and Winter Park offer season passes to

their resorts for slightly less expensive prices. Loveland offers a

season pass to young adults ages 15 to 22 at $238 and adults ages

23 to 69 at $269. The Copper Mountain season pass is $259 for

adults and the Winter Park pass is available for $269.

Nic Ferrington, a mechanical engineer senior and an avid

snowboarder from New Orleans, started snowboarding three years ago

and is a fan of the Buddy Pass.

“I like the Buddy Pass because it offers a good variety,”

Ferrington said. “I like Copper Mountain and Winter Park, but it is

only two mountains.”

The Colorado five-mountain pass and Buddy Passes are available

online at www.snow.com or at REI stores. The Rocky Mountain Super

Pass is also available online at www.passwagon.com or by calling


Jera Johnston, a sophomore health and exercise science major,

will continue buying her season pass to Copper Mountain for the

love of the sport.

“It’s just relaxing,” she said. “You can test the limits and get

out of your comfort zone and do something that you normally

wouldn’t do.”

Distance from fort collins and season pass prices:

Vail- 158 mi. 3 hours $319

Breckenridge-142 mi, 2 hrs 25 min $299

Keystone- 134 mi. hrs 30 min. $299

Beaver Creek- 156 mi. 3 hrs 5 min. $319

A-Basin- 156 mi. 3 hours $299

Winter Park- 127 mi. 2hrs. 30 min $269

Copper Mountain-2 hrs. 30 min $259

Loveland- 106 mi. 2 hours $239




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