“School” is Cool!

Oct 082003
Authors: Jeremy Anderson

There are few actors in Hollywood as funny as Jack Black. After

frequently stealing the show from A-list stars through supporting

roles in movies, Jack Black has recently achieved leading-man

status. Black proves in “School of Rock” that not only does he

excel at making people laugh, he is also capable of making people

laugh in quality movies.

Black stars as Dewey Finn, a rock music aficionado who, after

getting kicked out of his band, poses as a substitute teacher at an

elite private school. Dewey is obviously unqualified for the job,

but soon discovers the musical abilities of his preppy students.

Then, in one of the film’s funniest scenes, Dewey assigns the

students to roles in a new band, which he hopes to compete with in

a Battle of the Bands competition

“School of Rock” is not as gut-bustlingly funny as some of Jack

Black’s other films, but it is still very funny and extremely

enjoyable. Black’s performance is infectious and he makes it

impossible for you not to smile throughout the entire movie. No one

else could have pulled off the role as well as he does.

There are other things to like in “School of Rock” besides Jack

Black. The always-hilarious Joan Cusack stars as the school’s

principal who is forced to remain as the film’s most serious

character until the last third of the movie when she gets to

deliver some really funny moments. The kids are also fun to watch

and are very talented.

“School of Rock” does not achieve greatness, but there was

nothing substantial in it worthy of criticism either. You have to

allow the film some implausibility at times, but that is why it is

a movie and not real life. As a whole, “School of Rock” is a fun

and entertaining comedy that has its star to thank for much of its


3 out of 4 rams





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