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Oct 082003


Shandra Jordan, editor in chief

Colleen Buhrer, managing editor

Willow Welter, visual editor

Liz King, assist. design managing editor

J.J. Babb, design managing editor

Christopher J. Ortiz, opinion editor

There are certainties that students can come to expect coming to

campus every semester. You can bet the farm and ranch on pamphlets

being passed out on your trek to a lecture, Greek letters being

worn on the outside steps of the Clark building and sparks of

conversation on the Plaza.

Tom Short has been a presence on the Plaza for the past two

days, speaking/preaching about his personal relationship to God to

a noticeably large crowd. Agree with him and other speakers on the

Plaza or not, we feel that this kind of scene is what a university

experience is all about.

We feel it is important to learn outside the classrooms (maybe

not a good idea to do this during class time) and sample the

different opinions and views that make up this world that we live


It is comforting to know there are acceptable places where

people with strong opinions can speak and spark discussions and

debates in an inclusive environment. If Short were to stand in the

middle of a public park or parking lot, he might not be so


It is also nice to notice a change in conversation between

college students from the usual beer and chicks/dudes





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