Mighty Buffs screw up

Oct 062003
Authors: Joshua Pilkington

For those of you that went to watch the Rams tear apart Fresno

State, you missed the Buffs embarrassing themselves in Waco,


Our hippy neighbors traveled to take on the Baylor Bears at

Floyd Casey Stadium in a Big 12 match up. To tell you the truth if

they had traveled the extra 60 miles to take on my high school

team, the Woodlands Highlanders, they probably wouldn’t have fared

much better.

Baylor has won four conference games in seven seasons and has

lost 37 of their last 38 conference games. I’m telling you all this

just so that you can have a benchmark of how bad it must feel to be

a CU fan losing 42-30 to this team.

I’m sure that any smack talking on the side of a CSU fan will

instantly be rebutted with “Well, we beat you.” However, the game

the Buffs brought to Invesco Field was much better than the game

they took to Texas on Saturday.

The Bears managed to score five touchdowns within 17 minutes, 15

seconds to take it to the Buffs. CU has now lost three games in a

row the first time since starting 0-4 in 2000.

More good news for the battered Buffs is that every Big 12 team

that has lost to Baylor has had a losing record for the season.

Let’s hope history repeats itself.

They say offense wins games but defense wins championships. If

that is true, the Buffs won’t need to be making any room in their

trophy cabinet this season.

Of 117 Division I-A teams, CU ranks 114th in pass defense (303.8

yards allowed a game), 105th in total defense (450.4 yards a game)

and 112th in scoring defense (37 points a game).

It looks like it might be a long season for CU head coach Gary

Barnett and his players.

In fact, the coach was so determined to try to avoid this

embarrassing loss to the Big 12’s worst school that he put in his

injured sophomore quarterback Joel Klatt in the fourth quarter to

see if he could make anything happen.

He made one big play with his time on the field. Unfortunately,

it was a big play for the Baylor defense as he saw his first pass

intercepted – another first for the young quarterback.

Since my prediction that the Cubs would lose in the first round

of the playoffs has since been proven wrong, I’ll avoid saying this

is going to be the worst season for the Buffs in a decade – lest

they go on to win a BCS bowl.

It is clear, however, that the first game of the season for CU

was just a fluke. As a member of a school that goes too often

overlooked in Colorado it is good to see the mighty Buffs screw up

their season.

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