To the Editor:

Oct 012003

As an ex-smoker, I am looking forward to smoke-free restaurants

and bars in Fort Collins. The No Smoking Ordinance, which took

effect this Wednesday, will help me stay an ex-smoker.

I smoked for five years and have been a non-smoker for several

months. I made it a personal goal to quit smoking because I value

my health and the health of others. However, every day I think

about having just one cigarette. Now with a smoke-free environment,

the temptation to smoke will be reduced and possibly help others

like myself quit.

Also, as a health conscious, ex-smoker I try to avoid

second-hand smoke from others. Second-hand smoke is the third cause

of preventable death in the U.S. I would rather visit a non-smoking

restaurant than worrying about the harm of inhaling the some 4,000

chemicals in second-hand smoke.

This new ordinance will also improve workplace safety in

restaurants and bars. It’s unfair to restaurant and bar employees

to be subjected to second-hand smoke on a regular basis. Studies

have shown people exposed to secondhand smoke at their places of

employment are 5O percent more likely to get lung cancer.

Most importantly, a smoke-free Fort Collins will send a positive

message to teenagers encouraging them to lead a smoke-free


With 75 percent of CSU students and 82 percent of Fort Collins’

residents being non-smokers, the city has listened to its citizens.

The No Smoking Ordinance works to protect everyone’s health and

safety. The City of Fort Collins is following a popular, national

trend by becoming smoke-free.

Thank you,

Jill L. Jameson

Senior, Technical Journalism




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