Oct 012003
Authors: Daniel Hallford

A seven-member cast brings the story of racism at Belmont

College in Vermont to an audience of ready ears and eyes at the Bas

Bleu Theatre in Fort Collins. The intimate setting and humble

theatre building add to the charm of this play.

One might find themselves looking around the room evaluating

their neighbor after hearing Sheri Davis, who plays the part of

Sarah Daniels, dean of students, confess to a small room what she

wishes the whole world could know about her soul.

In a dramatic world of college admissions, scholarships and

turbulent residence hall life, incidents and classifications worm

their way into the student body and cause uproar. Who is to blame

for one person’s action? Where do you draw the line in your own

mind? Are you a racist? If you’re not afraid to find out the

answers to these questions, “Spinning into Butter” is a play you

need to see.

“It is a play for our times, our city, our university and

ourselves. May it have a positive impact,” said director Morris

Burns, a professor at CSU who has been directing for 41 years.

The two-hour and fifteen-minute production took five weeks of

rehearsal and much commitment. Cast members drove from Longmont,

Glenwood Springs and the surrounding areas to be a part of this

unique production.

“Spinning into Butter” forces the audience to confront internal

conflict that you may not even know exists. Author Rebecca Gilman

seeks to root out the bias and discrimination hiding within you and

lay it out for all to see. Placid and conservative minds beware –

you are in for a shock. If you’re curious about the human

condition, step out of your bubble and view reality in its finest.

This is what humans are made of.

“Spinning into Butter” fosters moments of absolute silence and

sincerity, as well as bouts of laughter and comic relief.

Well-placed jokes keep the mood alive while intimate conversation

between characters pushes the audience to see the underlying

problems in the staff at Belmont College, and the sneaking serpents

of segregation coiled up within them.

“Spinning into Butter” will affect everyone differently. Don’t

be afraid to take a step outside your comfort zone. This play is a

must-see for any human being.


“Spinning into Butter’ is showing through Oct. 11, every

Thursday through Sunday. A specially priced show will take place

tonight, with tickets $7 for students. Call Bas Bleu Theater at

(970) 498-8949




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