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Oct 012003
Authors: Spencer Goodfriend

Walking through campus, sophomore psychology major Grace

L’Orange takes notice of the multiple postings of concerts and

advertisements everywhere. With a shrug of the shoulders and a

sigh, she continues on.

“I look for concerts … but it would be nice if other forms of

art or entertainment were presented,” L’Orange said.

There are many venues within the front-range region that provide

poetry, fiction and non-fiction readings by established and

up-and-coming artists, including the Creative Writing Program’s

Writing Series hosted by the English department and the Hatton


“Seeing the live-arts are memorable,” L’Orange said. “I only

wish I could be more aware of what’s going on.”

The English department continually notifies the students within

the department of upcoming presentations, a service that some

students not in that department wish they had.

“I feel that every person in every major should have the

opportunity to expand their mind,” said Kristin Miller, a freshman

open option major. “They should be able to think critically about

humanity-type issues, for it deals with them too … I have yet to

hear of any readings or presentations.”

Students within the English department are regularly notified of

coming events and are encouraged to soak up as much oral literature

as they possibly can.

“People are incredibly excited about poetry, they just don’t

know it,” said Laura Mullen, associate professor and poet. “They go

buy rap and hip-hop records – that’s poetry. Poetry is truth and

people know that the truth is important, but they don’t always want

to hear it.”

Mullen, along with a fellow poet and professor, Matthew

Cooperman, will be reading at the University of Denver today.

Interested students can inquire at the English department for

further details concerning upcoming readings.

Upcoming readings

Thursday — Tomaz Salamun reading, 7:30 p.m. Lory Student Center

West Ballroom

Friday – Salamun lecture, 4 p.m. Lory Student Center room


Oct. 30 – Matthew Cooperman, Aaryn Richard and Carol Christ,

7:30 p.m. Hatton Gallery

Nov. 13 – Lee Gutkind, 7:30 p.m. Hatton Gallery

Dec. 4 – Shelle Barton, Stephanie Marcellus and Jean Knight

Pace, 7:30 p.m. Natural Resources Building room 113




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