Oct 012003
Authors: Jeremy Anderson

CSU is known for churning out brilliant alumna, and one such

success story is filmmaker Shannan Keenan. Keenan is a Kansas

native who, at an early age, had dreams of making it in Hollywood.

Keenan was on campus last week for a presentation of her film,

“Loaves,” which she wrote, produced, directed, and starred in. And

if that was not impressive enough, she did it all for under


“Loaves” is a dark comedy about a bread deliveryman named

Russel, his girlfriend Tammy (Keenan), and his cousin Eldon who are

scheming to kill Russel’s overweight wife. In a failed attempt,

Eldon accidentally shoots an ice cream man with a bow and arrow

instead of Russel’s wife, an event that sends the police and media

on a search for the culprit. The three conspirators then struggle

to hatch out further strategies for offing their target before a

detective figures out their criminal plan.

Keenan’s movie reminded me of the films of Christopher Guest

such as “Waiting for Guffman” and “Best in Show.” It was not a

mockumentary like Guests’ films, but it had the similar deadpan

humor. I laughed several times during “Loaves,” as did the other

audience members.

Most of the laughs were generated in scenes featuring an

ambitious TV reporter named Lori Peterson, played by

screen-newcomer Mary Fanto. Fanto stole every scene she was in with

her plastered-on smile and amusing reactions to the eccentric

locals she interviews while covering her story.

Applause goes out to Shannan Keenan for her accomplishments and

for making CSU proud.






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