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Oct 012003
Authors: Editorial Staffl


Shandra Jordan, editor in chief

Colleen Buhrer, managing editor

J.J. Babb, design managing editor

Liz King, asst. design managing editor

Christopher J. Ortiz, opinion editor


CSU announced this week that it has received a total of $39

million in grants in engineering and disease research.

It is always a good sign when government and private agencies

want to invest money in research at CSU and we hope these grants

will attract more large money gifts to the university.

Though these grants are not being allocated to areas victim to

budget cuts, we are glad that areas of our university are being

funded from outside sources.

CSU is also in the midst of searching for a new vice president

for university advancement. The position is responsible for

fundraising, something this university desperately needs to improve


We are confident that CSU President Larry Penley and the search

committee will sense the importance of finding someone who is

capable of attracting private donors to pledge money to capital

construction, faculty salaries and scholarships. We also are

confident that the name CSU and its growing national reputation

will appeal to more attractive applicants for the vice president

position. We also feel that Fort Collins is a great selling point

for people to come and work at CSU.

Penley made university advancement a top priority in his

speeches before coming to CSU and hopefully his influence will

bring in more grants and a vice president committed to raising

donor funds.

We couldn’t be more proud of our research and development areas

at our fine university this week and we hope to write more

headlines about money coming in to CSU instead of writing headlines

reading how much money we are losing.






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