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Oct 012003
Authors: Steve Latuda

Extra extra, read all about it, I am going to give away a few

secrets about what it will take for any fantasy football stud, or

dud, to pull off a victory this week. The advice – like this

newspaper – is free, so take it as you will.

Start em’:

Hines Ward and Plaxico Burress. The Steelers play the Browns

this weekend and last year Ward exploded for two 100-yard games

against them and Burress is ready to explode this weekend.

Charlie Garner. Moe Williams from the Vikings tore the Bears

defense to shreds, and Garner is twice the back that Williams


Panthers Defense. Trust me, this is the best defense in the NFL.

The Saints are struggling, and the Panthers’ undefeated start is

all thanks to the D.

Sit em’:

Tiki Barber. If he is the best player on your team, think twice

about sitting him, but if not, put him on the bench because the

Dolphins have a mean D.

Anyone playing on Monday Night Football, the Bucs and the Colts

defenses are mean, and the Bucs offense has no chance to move the



These are guys you might be down on, but they are ready to come

out big and put up some points this weekend.

Jeff Garcia, Terrell Owens, Muhsin Muhammad, Anthony Thomas,

Donovan McNabb, and Rod Smith.


These are guys that you have been praying for a miracle from,

but it is time to either let them go, or bench them until you read


Duce Staley, Kelly Holcomb, Ron Dayne, Curtis Martin and Corey

Dillon (injured).

Pick em’ up:

These guys are either hanging around because they are slow

starters, play odd positions, or because they are coming back from


Jimmy Smith. Pick him up ASAP! He is going to be the key guy for

whomever is throwing the ball in Jacksonville.

Dante Hall, Michael Lewis, and Chad Morton. If you get points

for return yards and touchdowns in your league, then get these guys


Hall is probably gone, but Lewis will get yards, and Morton even

sees the ball some on offense in Washington.




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