A Taste of Germany

Oct 012003
Authors: Krystina Sletvold

Traditionally, Oktoberfest is one of the world’s largest folk

festivals in Germany. However, last Saturday, thousands of miles

away from Germany, Fort Collins broke out the lederhosen and

whipped broke out the beer and brats to continue this annual


On a beautiful fall day in September, families and friends

gathered around Old Town Plaza to hear the sounds of The Foothills

Pop Band, which featured traditional German music. Lead by

conductor Glenn Schull, the band played an array of sounds that

were enjoyable to listen to and required audience


At one point in the performance a band member raised his beer

mug and shouted, “Ein Prosit der Gemuetlickeit!” (A toast to our


Following the pop band was local oompah band favorite Dick


“Dick Zavodn is a very lively fellow,” said Florence Bailey, a

Fort Collins resident.

The headliners for the 2003 Oktoberfest were Newcomers Home, a

bluegrass pop-rock band with a twist of Celtic music intertwined in

the beats. Newcomers Home were promoting their new album “Live at

the Boulder Theater,” which will be released on October 11th.

Fort Collins Oktoberfest is about preserving the longstanding

event of Germany cultural, but the event was also striving to raise

money in support of Kiwanis International, an organization whose

purpose is to serve children around the world.

“We have about 10 kegs, will probably only go through 8 of them,

but we really are here to serve the children,” said Jim O’Neill,

spokesperson for Kiwanis International.

The money raised at this year’s Oktoberfest will be used for

various children’s projects and community services project, such as

the Girl Scouts, said O’Neill.

Whether residents came to enjoy the live entertainment or to sit

back with a mug of beer and a brat to relax, this year’s Fort

Collins Oktoberfest was delivered in traditional German








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