To the Editor:

Sep 302003

This is in response to Jon Ackerman’s article (Sept. 29) about

CSU fan support at football games. Ackerman touched on some

mistakes Ram fans make while cheering at football games, but they

do not pertain to all of us. Nowhere in the column did fans get

credit for how loyal they are.

Most fans, win or lose, still cheer on the Rams. Don’t get me

wrong, they should. A perfect example is last Saturday’s game. The

Rams’ pervious game was a disastrous loss of 41-21 to Miami (Ohio),

a team most of us on campus had not heard of until we played


However, this past weekend fan support did not dwindle a bit.

Loyalty to the Rams overcame losing. I’m sure this Saturday for

homecoming Ram fans will be ready to cheer again, even after a loss

to Utah. I just want to say fans may not all cheer in unison and

some may jingle keys at the wrong points in the game, but fans are

“right” where is matters…they keep cheering for the Rams despite




Shoshannah Tirk

Sophomore, Technical Journalism







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To the Editor:

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Sep 302003

I am writing in response to Luke Cornish’s “Cubs fans, none of

them are really worth that much.” Not only do I believe the article

to be poorly outlined, even for an opinion article, but I was also

appalled at the lack of evidence to support his claim.

I was born and raised near Chicago and I, as well as many of my

friends here, have been a Cubs fan since birth. No, the Cubs have

not done much in a long time besides their wildcard win in 1984,

but why should that affect our loyalty? For over a century, the

Cubs have given us season after season of great baseball, most of

which in the infamous Wrigley Field. Maybe that doesn’t mean

anything to most of you, but for many others like myself, it is

something to a proud fan of.

They have made it to the playoffs this year. I consider it to be

quite audacious to and rude to rain on our parade. Just as he is a

fan of Manchester United, Carolina Panthers and a CSU Ram fan, we

support our home team. I took the title alone as personal offense.

Not really worth that much? We serve your food, give you exams, pay

your salary and publish your newspapers.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions; who they root for and

who they jeer. What appalled me the most was that there was

absolutely no credible argument in the article whatsoever. It was a

simple, snideful claim that truly disgusted me.

Holly Lindquist

Junior, Journalism and Technical Communication




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