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It’s time to work the runways.

Well, the runway at the Plaza of the Lory Student Center, at least.

The seasons are changing and so are the fashions. As summer begins to fade away, fall fashion hits the streets and fills closets.

“Fashion is a way of self expression,” said Eulanda Sanders, assistant professor in the Department of Design and Merchandising.

Although in the past, fashion was restricted and classified to one specific style, the year 2003 is seeing an accumulation of diverse styles.

“People can really wear a lot of different styles,” Sanders said.

For this fall, the main style that will be making its way down the runways, Mod style, is inspired by the 1960s. Beth Bradley, a junior apparel, design and merchandising major, said this is a style of geometric shapes, bright distinct colors, and a clean, tailored looked.

“It is sort of like the Austin Powers style,” said Brandi Shilling, an English major and fashion guru.

The fall wardrobe will combine contrasting colors like black and white, but will also have vibrant colors such as orange, pink and purple, Bradley said. Outfits will carry the geometric shapes of squares and circles.

According to Bradley, the tailored look is slowly making its way back to the scene. The fashion for women is becoming more elegant and classy, which was often seen in the movie stars of the 1940s.

“They are moving past the Bohemian hippie look and going for a more elegant, lady-like glamour,” she said.

The fall look is less about peasant tops and flowing fabrics, and more about form-fitting styles. Jeans will be worn as straight and narrow, fitted flares, and higher waistlines. Hip-huggers are slowly moving back up the waist.

Another style that is coming in this fall is shorter outerwear, including short, cropped jackets that are tightly fitted. Also, bomber jackets in various fabrics such as tweed and leather are entering the fall fashion scene.

When it comes to shoe attire, boots of all styles remain on stage from the knee-high to the flat boot, Shilling said. However, for fall fashion the high-heeled show will move from a pointed toe to a rounded toe.

When shopping for the fall wardrobe, women will want to stick with lady-like fabrics such as velvet, satin and silk, recommended Bradley. A fabric that remains popular for both genders is leather.

“Leather is becoming a staple like denim,” said Dr. Sanders.

Leather remains on the runways in all kinds of styles, including the jacket, knee-high boots, pants and, of course, mini skirts.

For women, skirts of all lengths linger on as a popular fashion for the fall.

“The pleated mini skirt is definitely going to be popular this fall,” said Hilary Crockett, Express fashion store manager.

The recent fall line that just hit the racks of the Express fashion store is a combination of many styles and eras.

Popular accessories are a combination of the 1930s and 1940s, which consists of bigger and chunkier stones, Crockett said. Also, the 1980s rock star glamour look is popular-big chains, studded belts and graphic tees.

“Some fashions are really 80s with the tapered legged jeans, leg-warmers and the stiletto heels,” Crockett said.

Although fashion tends to target a women audience that does not exempt men from the new fall fashion.

“There are so many different styles for guys, from Phat Farm to Silver Tab, that it’s just a matter finding your own style,” said Aaron Richardson, Dillard’s Department Store employee.

Sean John, a clothing line designed by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, is one of the most popular clothing labels among men. Sean John’s fall line includes faded and vintage jeans, as well as the fall colors of orange and red.

Other clothing lines that are popular amongst men are Echo and Polo Jeans.

Guys fashion is also moving more toward a classier look, with less of the baggy jean and grudge and more cargo style jeans.

Clothing lines such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren will still continue to set trends and remain popular. However, for those people on a tighter budget, there are other stores that allow fitting into the new fall fashion affordable.

“Target has a great line for fashion and is great for accessories,” Sanders said.

Additional stores that carry popular fashions at affordable prices are Old Navy, Ross and TJ Max.

“Someone can even go to the Salvation Army or Goodwill to buy the basics and redo it by changing the buttons or something to update the style,” Sanders said.

Although fashion changes with the seasons, it is all about personality and about fun.

“There will always be trends, but it is fun finding your own style,” Shilling said.

For anyone’s wardrobe it is always essential to have some fashion basics.

Women should invest in the classic black suit pants with a crisp button down shirt for interviews, special events or an evening out on the town, Bradley suggested. Men should look into having nice cargo pants with a nice cotton button down shirt for going out with friends or going on a date.

Some other important essentials are a good pair of jeans, dress tops, a nice dress shoe and a black suit or dress for those special occasions. And Bradley recommends that everyone have a good quality coat, such as a trench coat or pea coat for those dressy events.

“Fashion is about creating your own look-mixing something vintage with something classy-it’s about fun,” she said.

There are however, some dos and don’ts.

Don’t try to combine too many kinds of fabrics into one outfit. And don’t over accessorize, making your outfit too busy, Sanders said.

“You really should chose one item to focus on, whether that is your top or shoes, and work around that one item,” Sanders said.

Do find clothes that work for your body and flatter your body type, said Bradley, and do get the essentials-jeans, good shirts and shoes.

But everyone agrees that the most important rule is to have fun.

“It’s all in how you work it-you should feel comfortable in what you wear,” Bradley said.

Fall fashion may be setting the trends, but it also gives you choices. So no matter what you chose for this fall just remember to come dressed.

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