RamRide gets you there safe

Sep 242003
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

It is great to see the Associated Students of CSU offer a program to help college students get home safely after drinking on the weekends.

Starting Oct. 24, students can take advantage of RamRide, a non-judgmental, safe ride home program driven by ASCSU.

During Friday and Saturday nights from 10 p.m. to 3 p.m., intoxicated students can call a local hotline if they need a ride home from the bars or from a party. The program has gotten support from the university, CSU President Larry Penley and from sponsors.

ASCSU is not charging students for the ride. It is great to see our student government taking very positive and responsible proactive measures. We are glad to see that it didn’t take a college student dying in a car accident from drinking and driving for this program to be implicated.

The program calls for 100-plus volunteers to man phones and to drive students safely home. Volunteers would work a minimum six nights a semester. Student interested in volunteering can pick up an application from ASCSU, which are due this Friday.

We feel this gives students yet another safe, convenient and cogent reason not to get behind the wheel after drinking. Everyone knows how dumb, stupid and irresponsible it is to drink and drive and we applaud any program that prevents students from getting behind the wheel after drinking.

Though its great that students will have this option, we still hope students make the right decisions when they go out drinking and still have a designated driver and make safe and responsible decisions when it comes to the amount of alcohol they drink.

Also, kudos to ASCSU in keeping a promise given to students last year during elections. This was one of the promises made by some of the presidential and vice presidential candidates and it is great to see it transpire.

Any students interested in volunteering or who want more information can call Ben Goldstein, ASCSU Director of Student Services, at 491-5931.

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