Sep 242003
Authors: Justin Goldman

Last weekend the CSU club baseball team faced their biggest rivals in the UNC Bears four times in two days. The Rams wiped them out, winning three of those four games with pitchers Tom Ahrens, Troy Tolar and Matt Wingate each recording a win.

Although the spring is the official season for club baseball, head coach Frank Gonzales and the rest of the coaching staff are using the fall season to prepare for what could be a championship season.

Gonzales, a ten-year professional pitcher and a native of Colorado has become known by his players and staff as one of the best pitching coaches around. Assistant coach Cory Reeder also has eight years of professional baseball under his belt, as a catcher for three MLB teams. Together, the coaching staff offers CSU players some of the most competent and elite instructors in the region.

In 1993, CSU cut funding for baseball as a Division I-A sport, but it continued as a club sport. The team took the setback in stride and had continued to succeed, quietly becoming one of the top baseball teams in the conference.

“Our team this season is amazing,” public relations director Jackie Sheppard said. “We have great hitters, fielders and a pitching staff so hopefully if our cards are played right we can win Nationals (in the spring).”

This weekend the club baseball’s fall season continues as they face Otero Community College on Saturday at noon at the baseball field on campus.

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