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Authors: Steve Latuda

After suffering their second defeat of this young college football season, it would have been easy for the Colorado State football team to use one of these reasons listed below as an excuse to fall apart at the seams.

– They just lost to a Miami (Ohio), a team that hardly anybody at CSU has ever heard of and a team that the Rams were favored to beat by six points.

– Their sworn enemies, the Colorado Buffalos, edged them out.

– They have already lost two games this year. That’s two more than many people thought that they would lose all year. Including many “experts”, who thought that this could be the team that busted the BCS formula.

Fortunately losing games could cost any team its unity, but not these guys.

– Well what about injuries? Injuries have completely taken over this team. Star center Mark Dreyer is still recovering from surgery, and now H-Back Joel Dreessen, a very likely NFL Draft pick this year if he decides to leave school early, is out at least a week with an abdominal strain. Dreessen’s loss hurts because he’s a guy who is always around the ball when it is third down, or when the Rams need a play, and to add salt to the wound, his back-up Brandon Alconcel is questionable for this weekend’s game with Utah.

Injuries are always an excuse for defeats, but not for the Rams.

And the event that could have totally disrupted this team’s season was the announcement that starting safety Landon Jones quit the team.

This event could have divided the team into two, but not CSU. Both the players and coaches handled it with total class.

So guess what ladies and gents, the Rams have not, and will not fall apart.

After the Miami massacre, all that came out of the players and coaches’ mouths was how “WE need to bounce back,” and how “WE need to play better as a team.”

There was no “I did my job,” or “He didn’t come to play.” The word “we” dominated the topic of conversation, and it is that team mentality that is going to carry them to winning the rest of their games this season.

The best sign that this team is still a team is the comments made by head coach Sonny Lubick after he was asked about who made the questionable call on the fourth down halfback pass play that robbed CSU of it’s momentum.

“That was not a bad call,” he said. “They covered it real well and Rahsaan made the right decision.”

Unlike the comment made two weeks ago when N.C. State had a chance to beat Ohio State, but called a questionable quarterback sneak on third-and-goal, and then when asked about it after the game, N.C. State’s head coach Chuck Amato blamed not himself, but his quarterback for choosing the wrong side on which to sneak the ball, I believe that Lubick’s reply was very classy.

So don’t worry folks, this team will be tighter at the seams than ever before.

They will have their players-only meeting this week to prove that they are still one, but this meeting won’t be one of those rah-rah let’s start playing better or I-don’t-want-to-go-out-as-a-loser-in-my-senior-year type speeches. No this meeting will be a team meeting.

“We know as seniors that we have to sit down with the team and talk to them,” said quarterback Bradlee Van Pelt. “It’s not going to be rah-rah, it’s going to be for them to realize that this is a team effort.”

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