Double Disappointment

Sep 222003
Authors: Luke Cornish

There is nothing like the rivalry between friends. I hate the

Kansas City Chiefs, not because I’m a Broncos fan but because my

friend Gage likes them and I like him to be unhappy.

When I was in high school I had two really close friends, Alex

and Matt. When it came time to pick our colleges Alex went to the

University of Texas and Matt went to Miami University in Oxford


My main wish every football season is for the Rams to beat CU.

We didn’t manage to do that this year but I would still be happy if

the Rams beat my friend’s alma mater. The Rams have never played

either Miami (Ohio) or Texas before this weekend so it was up in

the air what the result would be.

I started tailgating around noon and made several calls to Matt

to taunt him of his team’s impending domination at the hands of my

Rams. Now I understand the saying “pride comes before a fall.”

I don’t think Matt even got to watch the football game because

he’s working in North Carolina at a juvenile delinquent camp and

had to be evacuated because of Hurricane Isabel.

This is my agreeing to the fact that his was the better team on

the day.

The RedHawks quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has proven himself

beyond a doubt in my mind. I am sure he will be a great NFL player

because he has the poise and the ability to get himself out of

trouble and make something out of nothing.

I hate him.

I usually stay for the whole game no matter what the score is or

what everyone else is doing. But when Miami ran the ball on

4th-and-14 and scored, I felt like I was in some kind of bad


I decided to leave the game and retreat to the disappointment

that always follows a loss. I called Matt once again not to taunt

but to explain my displeasure with the school he went to and

everything and anything that has ever come out of Ohio.

Again he didn’t answer my phone call. In fact I haven’t talked

to him since finding out about his evacuation, I hope he’s OK.

But what I hope more than him being OK is that the Rams will

take this game and learn from it. I hope that we will use this game

to motivate us for when we play our first conference game next week

against a Utah team that looks very good.

I hope that they will gain enough momentum for us to steam roll

Fresno State who always comes out tough against CSU. But most of

all I hope that CSU doesn’t lose like that again while I go to

school here (come on guys it’s only three more months).

I did the only thing I thought I could to help out the Rams. I

went to the bookstore and bought a Rally Ram . . . it worked for

the Angels.

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