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Authors: Elizabeth Kerrigan

Weston Router, partner of Cheap Fast and Good (CFG) Concessions,

is a vendor who serves burritos, fajitas and tacos to the hungry

after-hours crowd in Old Town.

According to Router, there has been a large demand by students

claiming that CSU is in need of an outdoor vendor where it would be

possible to grab a quick bite to eat between classes.

“My goal is to respond to the need that students have conveyed

for an outdoor vendor on campus,” Router said.

However, Router states that he has been told that CSU is a

closed campus in regards to outside vending services. In order to

serve food on the CSU campus, Router must find a way to change,

what he states is, a University policy.

According to Mike Ellis, Executive Director of the Lory Student

Center, there is no such policy stating that CSU is a closed


Ellis also explains that in order for CSU to allow a private

vendor on campus, there must be a Request for Proposals (RFP)

issued. Only in this event, could outside vendors wishing to serve

on campus submit a formal proposal responding to specific


“Colorado State University has on numerous occasions invited

proposals through the RFP process for private food vendors,” Ellis

said. “At this time, Colorado State University has not initiated an

RFP process for an outdoor concessions unit on the main campus, nor

do we currently have plans to do so in the near future.”

A sociology class on campus, Community Dynamics and Development,

which is structured, in part, to take on communal projects in hopes

of making a difference in the community, received word of Router’s

proposal and invited him to speak during class.

After hearing Router’s proposal, the students declared that an

outdoor vending service was something they desired. The class then

formed a committee dedicated to changing CSU’s current standing on

the issue.

Paul Ashe, a senior majoring in sociology, is part of the

committee and states that the first plan of action is to schedule a

meeting with Ellis.

“First, we have to find out what we must do to get the policy

changed, then we will go through the necessary steps to get it

done,” Ashe said.

Helen Tran, a senior majoring in sociology, is also a student in

the class and an enthusiastic member of the committee.

“It is up to the students to get a service that would provide

convenient, quality food that we could grab in between classes,”

Tran said. “If people get loud enough, it could happen.”

Ellis welcomes the student’s opinions and states that the

students are whom he needs to hear from.

“I want to hear from the students, I want to hear where the

students stand on this issue,” Ellis said.

ASCSU has also been a suggested means for Router and has been a

resource he has had brief contact with. Katie Clausen, Vice

President of ASCSU, suggests that if students want to make this

happen they should help get the legislation to the ASCSU


“Our job is to formulate student opinion,” Clausen said. “Once

legislation is written, the Senate can make an educated vote and

then go from there.”

Router states that this is something the students have voiced

that they genuinely want and he claims that he is not willing to

abandon his efforts until he accomplishes his goal.

“If I don’t keep trying, the students won’t get a service on

campus that is truly needed,” Router said.




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