To the Editor:

Sep 182003


This is my response to Jacob Ouellette’s article, “Where is my

minority support?”

For years people have fought for representation. It is

interesting that when people find this representation (in other

words the majority) they find room for complaints.

Minority groups on campus such as African-Americans, Latinos,

Native-American and Asian-American students among many others have

groups to represent them because there are very few of them on


Why does the majority, better yet, a race and gender who have

dominated the world feel the need to be represented when they

control everything?

I also find it interesting that people refer to minorities when

the phrase “affirmative action” is mentioned. Little do many know

that it also defends the “non-religious, non-political Caucasian

males who do not have drug problems and find Greek Life

distasteful” and people with disabilities.

“We are all college students here; we go to the same classes, we

pay the same bills, we eat the same Ramen but at the end of the

day, the only thing that separates me from you” is your voice alone

heard louder than my support group!

Tiesha Lampkin

Sophomore, open option seeking business




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To the Editor:

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Sep 182003

I am writing in response to Melissa Snow’s Tuesday article

“Women: stand up for chivalry.” I disagree with Snow’s contention

that chivalry should be a must among our young men. I also don’t

think that I, or any female, should be “worshiped” for simply

having the ability to bear children.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that chivalry is a bad or

even sexist thing. I simply realize that it comes from a by-gone

era where women were cleaners of houses and caretakers of children.

Women were treated with chivalry, but they were also treated like

dolls. I have known many kind, generous, chivalrous men. Yet I have

also known men who, though chivalrous, took my opinions and myself

less than serious. Women are not just pretty things that are fun to

have around. Women should be treated like adults and like equals.

Beyond that, chivalry should be a pleasant surprise, not an


Andrea Fellion

Senior, psychology




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To the Editor:

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Sep 182003


This letter is in response to the caption accompanying the

photograph for the article, “CSU disability accessible.”

The caption read, “Parking spaces for disabled people are

located in every CSU parking lot.”

Individuals need to be valued for who they are, for the traits

that make them unique. Everyone deserves to be treated in a

positive manner. This caption labeled people with disabilities. A

disability is only a part of what characterizes a person. A

disability is not what an individual is.

Using “People First Language” by saying “Parking spaces for

people with disabilities” are located in every CSU parking lot”

would have been much more appropriate.

Maria Andrea Pinales

Senior, psychology, social work




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