Sep 182003

Joelle Milholm (2-1)

CSU 35, Miami (Ohio) 21

The combination of CSU’s running and passing game will

overshadow Ben Roesthlisberger.

Justin Goldman (2-1)

CSU 28, Miami (Ohio) 21

I believe a quarterback battle is in order. Van Pelt will have

much more rushing yards than Roethlisberger will, and a better

passing percentage.

Stephanie Lindberg (2-1)

CSU 44, Miami (Ohio) 14

Ohio’s mind is far south in Miami and the Rams go on a


Vince Blaser (2-1)

CSU 24, Miami (Ohio) 21

A shootout on paper, but since when did a CSU game go the way it

was supposed to.

Steve Latuda

CSU 34, Miami (Ohio) 21

Unlike in the CU game, the CSU defense comes in prepared for the

passing game, and shuts it down just enough to win.

Josh Pilkington

CSU 33, Miami (Ohio) 19

It won’t score points with the BCS, but beating the best team in

the MAC will be a challenge.




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