Sep 172003
Authors: Lindsey Boudreau

To some students one-night stands means taking someone home for just one night of sex and nothing else.

This may sound exciting, but many CSU students do not think of the consequences that may follow.

“Usually, a one-night stand happens when someone is drunk or high,” said Deb Morris, a Hartshorn Health Center health educator. “When this happens you have a huge risk of sexually transmitted infection and pregnancy.”

Some students know and think about the dangers of one-night stands before they happen, but they do not do anything to prevent them.

“I think about the risks before I do it,” said Tyler Messenger, senior recreational tourism major. “But it’s not like I’m going to say no if a girl wants to have sex with me.”

Morris said there are not only physical effects, but emotional ramifications also.

“When it’s a one-night stand, people wake up the next day and think, oh no.” She said the CSU Counseling Center would be a good resource for someone struggling with regretful sex.

“I regretted it afterwards,” said Kym Weiner, senior public relations major. “But if I thought it was the right person, I would do it again.”

However, there are a number of students who do not participate in one-night stands.

“My sexuality is a gift I only let my monogamous partner unwrap,” said senior finance real estate major, Rhett Bruno.

Brandon Horton said that while he does not want to have a one-night stand, he might consider one in the future.

“I have not had a one-night stand,” said Horton, senior landscape architect major. “I’m not going to say I absolutely wouldn’t do it, but I have no desire to.”

Unfortunately, some CSU students might not be willing to let one-night stand partakers into their beds.

“I wouldn’t sleep with someone who does that,” Bruno said. “It’s scary because they are probably skanky.”

Morris said the Hartshorn Health Center is a beneficial resource where students can get tested for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and obtain the emergency contraceptive pill. She suggests students do not have one-night stands.

“Respect yourself and your sexual partner,” she said.

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