Sep 172003
Authors: Willow Welter

With a staff 150 strong, CSU custodians say they still have their hands full.

Restrooms are the custodial staff’s number one priority, according to its mission statement and its supervisors.

“Even if we’re short on people, the restrooms still have to be cleaned and disinfected,” said Leonor Flores, Custodial Supervisor III.

The most complaints about unclean restrooms come during the down time between day and night shifts, Flores said.

“Sometimes there’s an accident, like someone throws up,” Flores said. “Or maybe the toilets overflow. You can’t control things like that.”

The break between the shifts lasts from 1:30 to 4 p.m. on weekdays.

Assuming there is not an unexpected accident, students do not often complain about restrooms being dirty.

“The majority of the time when I go in (the restrooms), they’re clean,” said Erik Stepperud, a junior space-engineering student.

Stepperud said he also thinks the classrooms are normally fairly clean, but he said the desks could be wiped down more often.

The custodial staff also tends to classrooms, entranceways, hallways, laboratories, stairwells, private offices and athletic facilities.

Classrooms are the custodians’ number two priority and are sometimes very dirty, Flores said.

“In my area alone, Clark A 101 is the messiest one we have,” she said. “After that, it’s (rooms) 102, 103 and 104.”

The culprits: students leaving their soda cans, food wrappers and newspapers.

Donna Holtz, custodial supervisor I, said students often drop their copies of The Collegian and its inserts that sometimes come with it.

“When I was growing up, if you were drinking a pop or reading a paper, you threw it in the trash when you were done,” Holtz said.

Flores and Holtz both said they sometimes feel frustrated at the treatment they receive.

“People think that custodians are below them,” Holtz said. “Not all people of course, but a majority of people on campus think we’re here to serve them. We’re here for the students; our goal is to make things sanitary and clean.”

The custodial staff vacuums the Morgan Library nightly, often just before closing time, which is midnight.

“In the Morgan library they don’t want to see us around, they don’t want to hear us,” Flores said. “But if we’re not there, boy, they sure notice then.”

Flores said students sometimes complain that the vacuuming in the library bothers them.

“It’s an uphill battle-we can’t please everyone,” she said.

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