To the Editor:

Sep 162003

This letter is in response to Jacob Ouellette’s article, “Where is my minority support group?” As an African-American who is also a woman, I took Mr. Ouellette’s opinion offensively. In my own opinion I don’t think that Mr. Ouellette is confused about what it is to be a minority, perhaps this is only because he has never lived a second of his life as a minority of any sort. Not that of an ethnic minority or even that of a woman who is paid 73 cents to a man’s dollar for the exact same job, all because those who fit these descriptions, aren’t just like Mr. Ouellette.

To be an African-American woman in this country, of this day and age is a very difficult task; a task that I will never get a break from, because unlike Mr. Ouellette my distinguishing characteristics are not those of choice. In my opinion I don’t believe that any of Mr. Ouellette’s claims are valid in respect to minority groups’ needs for support from those who are like them. Because when a person is a minority or a woman, a person who hasn’t walked their whole life in the same pair of shoes of inequality or disrespect, simply cannot relate.

So, if Mr. Ouellette wants to be included in activities or wants to create a group, do so or simply learn to compromise and stop complaining. Also, I am offended by Mr. Ouellette’s insinuation that minorities are perhaps admitted because they are minorities. No, Mr. Ouellette I was admitted to Colorado State University because I graduated in the top five percent of my class, not because African-Americans never received reparations for slavery.

To Mr. Ouellette I am sorry that you feel that my having the office of Black Student Services is wrong or an unfair advantage or that my access to the Women’s Program is downright unfair. But I don’t think that is fair that Caucasian men can show disapproval at any given moment when things aren’t going their way and society accommodates. Life is hard and hardly anything will ever go any one person’s way. So, knowing this and being a person of collegiate status I ask of you to really think out your comments and take a minute or two to think of who you are offending. In closing, one should never commentate on a life that they have never lived.

Je’Nean Johnson

Sophomore, speech communication

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