To the Editor:

Sep 152003

I was very disappointed to see a picture of our “recycling

containers” in the Sept. 3 paper with a caption reading “Brandon

Horton, a landscape architecture major, deposits rubbish in a trash


We have been trying to educate the campus population that these

are “recycling containers” not “trash containers.” Recycling on

campus is very important and we need to put the correct materials

in the proper containers. There are too many people on campus that

do not read the labels on the containers already without The

Collegian printing a picture of the bins saying it’s all right to

put any kind of trash into them.

Since America Recycles Day is coming up maybe The Collegian

should take pictures of the dumpsters on a Sunday afternoon. The

residences put several different items in the dumpsters that could

be recycled in the bins right next to all of the dumpsters at the

residence halls.

Sheela Backen

Integrated Solid Waste Program Manager




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To the Editor:

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Sep 152003

I have to voice a few concerns with The Collegian’s article on

the CSU students for Howard Dean. Todd Wojtowicz was quoted as

saying “…(Dean) voted against the war in Iraq and voted against

tax cuts…” Howard Dean was never in Congress, he had no vote on

the war and had no vote on the President’s tax cut plans. Howard

Dean was governor in Vermont, (the most liberal state in the

country and the only state with a socialist representative in the


Dean has however stated opposition to war in Iraq and the Bush

tax cuts, but again, he never voted against them. I think the

Collegian owes it to the students of CSU to only run correct

information in the paper; if someone gives a false statement, find

someone else to quote next time.

Dan Karpiel

Junior, political science and economics




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To the Editor:

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Sep 152003

In his support for presidential candidate Howard Dean,

“Organization aims high for Dean” (Sept. 15), Todd Wojtowicz said,

“I’m not a democrat, but what brought Dean to my attention was that

he voted against the war in Iraq, and he voted against tax


Despite the fact that Dean stood up in front of 2,500

progressive leaders in Washington, D.C., at the Take Back America

Conference in June and declared that the war in Iraq was unjust and

that is why he voted against it, Howard Dean has never cast a vote

at the national level against or for the Iraq war or the Bush tax

cuts. Howard Dean is a former governor from Vermont who has never

held national office and consequently has never cast votes on

national issues, despite what he may have said on the campaign


On the other hand, Ohio congressman and presidential candidate

Dennis Kucinich not only voted against the war in Iraq, he led the

effort among democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives to vote

against the war. Thanks to the efforts of Kucinich two-thirds of

House Democrats went against their party’s leadership to vote

against the Iraq war resolution. Dick Gephardt, also a candidate

for the democratic presidential nomination, led the effort for the

Iraq war in the U.S. House.

Gephardt voted for the war. Kucinich voted against the war. Dean

did not vote.


Brian Depew

Graduate student, philosophy




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