Sep 142003
Authors: Shandra Jordan Colleen Buhrer, Liz King

Parking and traffic on campus are horrible, but it isn’t because of the freshmen, it is because of all the people that commute.

There is no reason to take parking away from the freshmen, although there is no reason to take parking away from commuters either.

Most people enjoy being able to park outside their home and not walk for over a mile to find a grocery store. Taking parking away from freshmen would deprive them of these opportunities.

Classes sometimes have to be scheduled at a time when food is being served in the dorms and thus students end up without those meals. Not all students can work on campus and without cars the freshmen can’t really find jobs.

Because there isn’t anything to accommodate working or eating (outside of Carl’s Jr.) on campus, it isn’t feasible to not let freshmen have cars. Our campus just isn’t designed for it.

There isn’t anywhere else in Fort Collins the freshmen could park and many go home for the weekends, which becomes a much more difficult task when you take their cars away.

Many people say other campuses are doing it, so why shouldn’t we. We shouldn’t because we can’t accommodate students without cars very well and some students choose to go to CSU because we do allow cars.

Just keep things as they are.

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